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Mr. Luis Sánchez Itoiz undertook the path of insurance in 1973, creating an insurance brokerage specialized in both domestic and international markets. His great experience and knowledge of the insurance world made possible the association with the English group Howden from London with a worldwide presence.

Transferring the company to his children, began the second generation of a family business that has persisted for four decades and that stands out on experience, efficiency, effectiveness, honesty, commitment, personalization, and dedication to service. Thus achieving a wide range of clients covering all sectors, from individuals, to complex companies with international footprints.

The objective is to give a personalized treatment to its clients, study and evaluate all possible risks and, consequently, manage the contracting of the insurance that best suits the personal needs of each one. Carrying out a constant follow-up to adapt your policies to the new guarantees that may arise. Not only helping hiring with and administration, but also managing the claim to obtain the right compensation.

Making this possible by contacting more than 20 insurance companies of great prestige and high economic solvency, several of them based throughout the world. Being able to group insurance under the same Brokerage allows the client access to everything insurance related thru one intermediary, instead of being overwhelmed talking to many different companies who make it all easy when is time to buy but, when you need them, problems come up and you can end up wasting time and with bad resolutions.

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